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Barney A highly significant factor is the
lavish Vancouver Island residence, where H&M are staying (?).

Nobody knows who the owner is - or his/her background and pedigree. Have they been vetted by the Police, who provide constant security?

So many unanswered questions - are the silent person(s) orchestrating something different, with naive centerpiece people.

Three or four countries are now involved...

Barney Meghan is now a Duchess - and the granddaughter-in law of the Queen of Canada

Not even a UK citizen. She elevated herself very quickly, in the Canadian hierarchy - by proxy

For seemingly commercial reasons, mostly - but Oprah will tell us more about that; as will Disney

Hats off to the eventual new Canadian Queen...

Jo I actually wonder if Meghan has ambitions to be Queen of Canada. She and Harry dropping their bombshell and her returning to Canada, thus making herself unavailable to talk to other royals in person, seems inconsiderate at the very least. I'm starting to think that the stories about her leaving people in tears and Harry's supposed comment of "what Meghan wants, Meghan gets" may have some truth to them.
Bookworm People should realise that whilst you try as you might to analyse the situation, there is a whole different level of action going on.

The media won't tell you because it's a kick in the teeth for them.
Harry and Meghan need protection, and of course, not forgetting to be allowed to carry out the roles safely which due to the ineptitude of authorities and a Tory government who let the hounding and venomous press off lightly with an attempt at an inquiry - they can no longer do.

The authorities need to take responsibility for this too. The whe saga goes right to the top and did so a very ling time ago.

Watch them spring into action now...
Barney Our Royal family was certainly blindsided by the Meghan strategy - she's already said to have agreed a voiceover with Disney!

And currently lives - for free - in a lavish mansion, near Vancouver. Having acquired another one free, from her husband's Gran.

The ownership of the Vancouver property is unclear - but thought to be a Russian oligarch. We, the taxpayer, paid to renovate Frogmore Cottage.

Gran is Queen of Canada - and Meghan is therefore now part of the Canadian Royal family, and the only one in the country. Apart from Archie.

Pole position for future commercial activities there - and in the neighbouring United States.

Meghan (and,of course, Harry!) will soon be officially opening hospitals, talking to Oprah live on TV and making a movie - all in the same day.