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Topic History of: Ghislaine Maxwell - the truth?
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Jo Recent article from The Spectator. Most of it's behind a paywall, so if anyone is a subscriber and can post the whole thing, that would be good.

Nicholas Coleridge: The Ghislaine Maxwell I knew

I have known Ghislaine Maxwell for more than 40 years, since she was a student at Balliol. I always liked her, everyone did, and I find it hard to reconcile the Ghislaine I knew with the heinous crimes of which she now stands accused.
Jo Joe must have been prolific and very good at what he did if he kept going for 20 years. Makes you wonder how many more are out there. I've watched the Laura Goldman interview again and it's quite amazing. So many details and her answers seem convincing, until the end when Piers trips her up, but she recovers in an instant.
hedda they really are odd those type of con artists. Must get a thrill from all the attention as they eagerly tell their tales and are really quite brave with the risks they take.

If she really tried hard she would probably make a great publicist the way she is able to garner world-wide publicity but I've found genuine grifters like her somehow prefer creating grandiose cons and weaving spells around people.

She obviously weaved one around Piers

She reminds of the legendary Irishman "Joe Ryan" who conned Fleet Street newspapers for 20 years when they were flush with cash who would come up with all manner of "scoops" about the IRA or horse racing scandals and so on which inevitably petered out in the end but not after he'd relieved eager hacks (Piers?) of 500 quid.

One journo told me how he interviewed "Joe" (no-one knew his real name) about his success in creating Fake News and Joe eagerly agreed to do so over a lavish lunch at Wheeler's in Soho. Said hack knew he's be taken for a ride and eventually put a drunken Joe in a cab with a 20 pound note only to return to pay Wheeler's bill to find Joe had put £200 worth of bottle booze on the tab before hack got there and had it sent somewhere in cab.
Jo Fascinating! She seemed quite convincing in her Good Morning Britain interview.

Found these:

How DID the media fall for this Ghislaine Maxwell fantasist? Convicted stalker appeared on TV and news sites around the world to defend her 'friend' - but Maxwell claims she has never met the woman

Former Fugitive Pleads Guilty to Attempted Extortion
hedda I asked my media pal in New York about that bizarre Laura Goldman character and he replied she was an absolute no-body who gatecrashed a few parties over 3 months before being put on Doorman's Watch as someone to be refused entry at all costs.

Apparently she was hustling well known business faces to "invest" in crazy schemes and he doubts ( as he also took all the most famous photos of Epstein / Maxwell published every day) she would have ever met Maxwell or most certainly would have never been invited to an Epstein party.

New York is riddled with hustlers like her but I don't know the truth as they come out of the woodwork daily trying to weave themselves into every tale.

I'm surprised Piers fell for her but there we are- Lockdown ! (ie: no stories)

She again reminds me of when I once got a job in PR in LA only to be hauled over the coals by the boss for telling the truth about clients as he yelled "for fuck's sake it doesn't matter what the truth is even if it's said they murdered their Grandmother as long as the fucking name is spelled correctly and there is a glamorous photo to accompany the story"

It was that day I decided my future employment laid elsewhere.