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Topic History of: What kind of people
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Green Man Social media is nothing but encourage people to become keyboard warriors. They never do anything outside; unless it's Antifa, who are only brave in large numbers but stupidest bunch of people on Earth.

Jo Really? That's awful. The internet does seem to provide an outlet for the worst people.

Djokovic probably won't forget this lesson in a hurry, at least hopefully not.
Gary Cowell Well, all I can say is that Djokovic has nothing on McEnroe when it comes to throwing a paddy: entertaining, JM was entettsining, brattish, very wind-unable, and generally had non non-violent outbursts. In this instance, Djokovic was just being an angry yob who really deserved the judgment he got from the umpire.
wyot A lot of silly people do love getting outraged these days on behalf of themselves or others. Social media gives the illusion of proximity to famous people and events, which just fuels the fire for inadequate, unhappy people.
JK2006 send abusive messages to the line judge who got hit by the Djokovic random ball that caused him to leave the US Open? Really; social media has done us a huge favour in showing us how humanity has a tiny minority of truly bonkers loonies.

I think those trolls exemplify the worst in our species. Disabled brains; crippled minds. Sick, sad, pathetic.