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Topic History of: It's A Sin
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Green Man Just binged watched it.

Fell apart in last episode for me, however very thought provoking but good soundtrack.

I have met countless of gay men in my time either at work or through friends. Some died from AIDS as well; a good friend died from it after only one sexual encounter just like it was in the series - he didn't know much about the guys history but lust takes over. Another gay couple I pretty well both died from it and they never slept around either.

Looking back on it you can't blame people being ignorant and scared because it was a 'new' disease. I remember people refusing to touch door handles, shake hands or assist people generally in case they caught it.

Then further information was being published about getting AIDS from blood transfusions which again is true and many people died because they contracted from transfusions and refusing life saving surgery with a transfusion in case they did contract from contaminated blood.

I was also told growing up that condoms were used for funny party jokes - not getting a random woman pregnant after closing time and to avoid paying alimony in the years to come. I'm sure many men did have lots sex knowing they were HIV positive either out off self denial or purely out of spite like to leave their 'mark' back in the day.

I ran and part owned a gay club in Canada it had allsorts of people coming in and straight people, because we opened up late and we always beer in stock where else can you go ? I was chatted up, groped, backed in to corners numerous times. Funny thing is I am a heterosexual and group of friends saw a gap in the market to open a gay bar purely for business - when I tried to explain I was not that way inclined they either sighed or pouted at me.

I never had any major issues but was always asked time and time "why do straight men own this place ?" However some of our bar staff and DJ were all LGBT me and my friends still worked behind the scenes whether it be changing barrels, cleaning, stocking the fridges, working on the door or cloakrooms.

When I was giving out change I always had my hands stroked or held by guys.

I still don't know why all men carry condoms in their wallets and just use. Looking back in my past I think they are a godsend - always used them and if I didn't have condoms then I refused to be laid.

Don't get me started on the effing filthy junkies in the late 1980's and mid 1990's roaming the subways and streets in NYC - with syringes literally stuck in their arms like it was nothing. Even openly sharing syringes like it was cigarette then toss them on the ground after it was done with.
Green Man I still haven't seen it but Neil Patrick Harris is a great actor has superb comedic timing in How I Met Your Mother.
JK2006 I'm a huge Russell T Davies fan and anything he does which is produced by Nicola Schindler (I suspect the creative power behind the scenes, like the Wizard of Oz) is bound to be good but I'm now 76 and lived through the POLIO era (a boy at my school - Hereford - had one of those metal frames around him because of it); I lived through the AIDS era (lost dozens of friends); I lived through the FALSE Allegations Industry era (still going on); and now the Covid19 madness.

They are all the same - treated differently by media but all "great stories". I watch them all and mainly wonder how easily even intelligent people obey the media agenda.