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Topic History of: Four Lives
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JK2006 Yes Bad Training is one problem Hedda but the main one is SENIOR BOSSES who simply automatically support officers and refuse to investigate, giving them the certainty that they can get away with murder.
hedda JK2006 wrote:
Starting tonight, the PORT drama - which, to me, totally reflects the worst of British police today. They simply do not care. And they believe they can get away with murder. Which sometimes leads to tragedy like the Sarah Everard/Wayne Couzens murder. But more often incompetence causes such events as the Surrey Police fiascos like Deepcut, Milly Dowler and Breck Bednar. Bad training; useless leaders who allow their juniors to believe they are untouchable. My case against Surrey Police is ongoing in 2022. Whether this BBC series will dare to speak the truth (as the ITV drama MANHUNT with Martin Clunes did) we shall wait, watch and see.

Bad training is the issue.

Wayne Couzens is really a one off but how on earth did he last so long in the force with out people getting suspicious?

The FBI & CIA are relentless with their training and weeding out of suspect agents.

I did read one expert who trained detectives used to hold weekend conferences where they'd all stay in a hotel etc. He would give a certain lecture and then have a photo exhibition of various policing matters.

In the middle he would throw a couple of absolutely hideous photos of horrible murders with mutilated bodies..he had have CCTV trained on his "audience".

Later he would watch the reactions..most budding detectives, male or female would freak out when the photos flashed up, gasp and so on. But there was always at least one who was totally unmoved if not with a face that slightly lit up

That's when he was able to work who was a psychopath.

## It's all gone downhill since NSW hired the brilliant Head of the Hendon Training Center 20 years ago as Chief of Police to clean up corruption.

The opposite happened..he basically got run out of town after 2 years by the entrenched corrupt detectives. ( think he now runs Security for the Olympics)

I got to have a long chat with his wife once..she was a young WPC who attended the Harodd's IRA bombing with a WPC colleague who got blown apart.

I was walking across Hyde Park at the time to meet a young 24 year old journalist who had just landed a terrific job and we were to celebrate with his fiancee.. His body got blown to the roof of Harrods.

Nothing more chilling than to hear that awful low thud of a real bomb ( as opposed to a movie one) and then see horrible black smoke rising in the air.
JK2006 Sheridan Smith makes a speech on the court steps which totally resonates with anybody who cares. Most police are just ordinary officers doing their jobs; very few bad apples; equally few Colin Suttons. But shocking bad top bosses care only for rising up the greasy promotion pole and are happy to allow corruption or, far worse, incompetence. That incompetence was responsible for the Stephen Port deaths. Port himself was ludicrously incompetent. Incompetence allowed Wayne Couzens to use his warrant card to kill Sarah Everard. Incompetence allowed the cop to kill George Floyd. He knew his bosses would stand by him (if only there hadn't been a passing smart phone around).

Let 2022 be the year the slippery PR of top cops and their political chums to be exposed and fired.
JK2006 Very good (Stephen Merchant is brilliant). But it makes two things very clear. Police by now are not properly trained. And they now are brought up to think they can get away with anything - not always murder but sloppy, incompetent work that sometimes contributes to or causes death. Seniors and bosses simply do not like investigating bad police work - they are too busy climbing up that slippery ladder.
JK2006 By the way, don't allow your support for correcting lazy or bent police behaviour to be distracted by the obvious. We don't want a Hashtag #PoofsMatter campaign or a stupid #QueensToo. It's corrupt or incompetent police officers we need to sort out and that goes to the very top.