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Topic History of: about playing devil's advocate..and how to have fun with controversy
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JK2006 Only trouble is... sometimes this game (I used to call it "righteous indignation") can hurt or even damage people.
Not just the over sensitive but, for example, hinting someone may lose their job can provoke it to happen.
YES to controversy. But with resposibility.
Godiver The PC army only harm the groups they claim to be trying to protect. Who wants to live somewhere without cultural diversity? Oh yeah, quite a lot of people do in this country don't they.

Good point about 'chinese whispers', oops.. am i allowed to say that?
mikemacca The best way to get people to join in with a discussion is to write something so bloody appalling that they feel they have to respond.....

I do this at work, though I tend to say it rather than write it.I also have to be careful of how I put it. If you want to be extremely politically incorrect, say it in total innocence, as if you had been led to believe it was true - then watch the reactions.

If these laws on political correctness are there to be abused in all directions, why not have fun with them ?

Some of the things I'm not allowed to say and protocol at work include:

Asking for a black coffee (It's coffee without milk!)
Where are you from?
Where do you come from?
Were you born in the UK?

When referring to someone's wife/husband/boyfriend/girlfriend you must use the word "partner"

Christmas decorations are forbidden and you can only put a card up that doesn't depict Christ.

In my team are 11 people. (4 males, 7 females).They breakdown as 2 Clinical psychologists, 4 psychiatrists, 1 Consultant Psychiatrist and 4 clerical and reception staff).
4 are Muslim, 2 are Black (whoops sorry , 2 are "without milk") 4 are English and then there's me (Irish born, Irish father, Hebridean mother).

When it's time for prayers, The muslims go into the adjacent hospital chapel to do so, rather than travel a mile to a nearby Mosque. The "Without milk" people can't sing or dance and don't speak like Jim Davidson. One even lives in a house!

Having to watch what you say all the time is a restriction all of us can do without. I am constantly asked where I come from, due to my accent. I could actually file a grievance against anyone who asks me that question, should I choose to do so. How stupid!

Just a thought, if it only takes 60 years for people to suggest the Holocast never happened, why do people still believe in prophets and sons of gods from thousands of years ago, centuries before anyone had pen and paper ?

If I relate something at work, within an hour it has been told to three other people and a completely new version is doing the rounds, so if we're talking about some act of walking on water, it may have started out as someone drowning!

I do believe the loaves and fishes story about feeding the thousands as I can spend a whole day putting things away and cleaning, yet the room still looks the same mess.