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Topic History of: As they get older, people get more right wing
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Honey I wouldn't have dreamed of giving mine "attention" in a cafe.
Green Man I am not so sure now JK. Mark Dice makes an excellent point. I can't even imagine life with out my father's influence. Hunting, fishing, camping out, learning how to approach the opposite sex and survival skills, making long term friends. I still have friends from school and those from USA who I first met 30 plus years ago. He taught me how to be thick skinned.

I see single mums just buy things for their kids and don't engage or get involved in activities.

I rather bet out than stuck indoors watching crap on TV. Even in shops or cafes kids want attention from their mums but they are too busy on social media or playing online bingo.

Green Man I haven't heard a Neil Young on the radio for 20 years or even in a record store. Canada got bored off him years ago.

Neil Young, either thought he was being smart or to try stay relevant. I don't use Spotify but it's the go to place for music with youths and the millennials.

I haven't heard anyone mention Joni Mitchell, not since the Counting Crows did a cover of Big Yellow Taxi in the early 2000s.

Joe Rogan, gets millions of listener's on Spotify per month, Neil Young was averaging just over 500.

I think Rogan is a bore also but glad he is challenging the media's narrative on the Covid bollocks.
JK2006 So great liberals like Neil and Joni veer towards advocating state control. I'm pro Vox but feel nobody should be forced to take it and even more feel people should not be banned or censored for holding alternative views, as long as they don't advocate hate or violence (listen to Jimi Hendrix singing I Hate CocaCola in The Great ReSet). I'm not a fan of streaming but I like as many people as possible hearing my marvellous music. Likewise Neil and Joni (one of my favourite artistes - CAREY is in my all time Top Ten).