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Topic History of: False Allegations - Facts - From REAL Experts
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hedda judges..magistrates etc.

Seen enough Rumpoles to know how personal it can be.

Decades ago I had a lovely gay Magistrate pal in Brighton I often stayed with (now deceased)

He was always fair except..when a really good looking lad came up before him he was incredibly lenient. Couldn't help himself and admitted it.

of course it's personal taste as well. What if M'Learned Honour fancied the Yorkshire Ripper ?
Jo From the homepage: "JK is taking a brief vacation from all social media; keep posting and E Mail him on"

Thanks for bumping this thread, by the way. That's a very interesting interview with Chris Saltrese.
Georgia This is a topic that's close to my heart... Cheers!
Where are your contact details though?
Falsely accused My husband used Chris Saltrese to defend his false allegation and Mr Saltrese was fantastic ! He is exceptionally knowledgeable and has a very good track record in these cases. We wouldn't have chosen anyone else.
hedda Anonymous wrote:
WholeTruth wrote:
Brave defence lawyer Chris Saltrese' vastly experienced review.

Of what, after 25 years since the proven false 'Satanic Abuse' panics, is now increasingly recognised as a truly medevil modern 'Witch Hunt'.

Perhaps of particular note for KingOfHits, are the learned criticisms of Her Majesty's Circuit Judges. Responding to a raft of confused and prejudicial proposals in a consultation paper, 'Convicting Rapists and Protecting Victims' issued by the Home Office in March 2006.

“It has to be recognised that the purpose of disclosing evidence to the to ensure that the defence know the case they have to meet. Simply allowing supplementary questioning of a witness risks the introduction of matters that have not been dealt with in the evidence disclosed.”

 “This firm took payment in advance, did not lay out terms of engagement, did not outline who would be acting in matters nor how long matters would take. When asked nearly three months later how progress was going, their secretary Margaret Barker, advised that the firm would no longer act for me. Use this firm if you must but pay up, put up and shut up is what you must do”.

what an absolutely pathetic "review"

Every lawyer or firm asks for money up front (which occupation involving long term work doesn't??)

and by law both lawyer & client sign a form detailing the work to be done a contract.

the only reason a lawyer would drop you is if you had not paid them after doing work...people are quite stupid and forget how much it costs to run an office.