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Topic History of: Sheba makes a point
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hedda JK2006 wrote:
in the Prince Andrew photo - have you ever seen more happy, delighted females in photos than those with the Prince or even with Epstein? In every single one they are clearly over the moon. Isn't media a funny thing?

bearing in mind that she claims Andrew raped her months before that snap was taken..

But the media doesn't do nuance or deep investigations.

I'll say this though: I don't rate Andrew's main accuser having a wonderful life.

She isn't just attacking Andrew- she is attacking..


That includes the secret services MI5, MI6 mnay powerful and discreet giovernment entities.

And a story..I was great pals with Prince Charle's butler before he married Diana. He had been with Charles all his life.
Such a good friend Charles loaned him cars from time to time..once he picked me up in Charle's Range Rover and we went to Ascot..being waved through by police at every traffic jam..most royal cars are painted a particular Blue developed by British Paints that no-one else has and police are taught to recognise the cars...

BUT..when Diana appeared he was laid off by Charles..a couple of drunken photos had appeared in the media.

He went off to the USA and became a "royal expert" on chat shows and got ONE MILLION DOLLARS advance for a book about life with the Royals. The first person to do this.

About 4 years later I ran into him on Kings Road..had returned from the US as he hated it. But he said life back in the UK was miserable.
Why? I asked..
Because he had upset the British establishment and their powers were strong and the tentacles went everywhere.

His love of travel had become a nightmare..he would be hauled over by Immigration wherever he went and would spend 3 hours there just on a holiday to Spain. Returning to the UK was even worse.

There were dozens of little ways they made his life a nightmare. Died of cancer but probably just drank himself to death.

The British establishment does what it does best. It is intelligent and involves 1000s of people and dozens of organisations all tasked with keeping something like the Royal Family humming along.

Cause a ripple matter who you are and wherever you are..and you will pay a price.

And thus it has been forever and will be.
Barney Barney wrote:
Grooming by enticement, travel, inducements, self-esteem enhancements

In addition to elaborate gifts and meals, flattery, fake interest/adulation etc.

You'd almost think Epstein and Andrew invented this old formula.

Similar to Weinstein, Chaplin, Gable et al.

'Do you know who I am; I met the President yesterday; Clooney is a mate'

Status is the key - or the perception thereof.

And many real achievers will soon have a medal pinned on them, by Princess Meghan...

honey!oh sugar sugar. Oh good lord! I have just agreed with Barney!
honey!oh sugar sugar. "If" they are really underage and hired for sex, it doesn't matter if they are having a whale of a time or not. The issue is that it breaks the law.

I would expect teens who are being taken advantage of to be having a lovely time at first, and thats how the "grooming" thing works.
Because otherwise, who would want to to be slobbered on by a fat middle aged knob?
Barney Maybe the T word is inaccurate - and the G word appropriate.

Grooming by enticement, travel, inducements and self-esteem enhancement.

'This guy is a Roal prince - and he specifically asked if you might go to the Caribbean with him, for a few days'

I believe this kind of play happened around Hollywood a lot in the past...