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Topic History of: Prince Andrew's accuser on Panorama
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Bookworm Exactly Randall, do state laws of citizenship follow a person wherever they go across the globe?
Last time I looked, being a citizen anywhere didn't bind them to the laws in that country even when they left the country to go elsewhere.
If she could go from a state where consent is aged 18 to one where it is aged 17, then it makes sense that they can go cross country and do what the law states there.

Another one to think about: If somebody in the UK – where the legal age of consent is 16, had phone sex or skype sex with somebody in a European country (or the Vatican) where the age of consent is below 16, it still couldn't be classed as illegal because both persons would have to be on UK soil for it to be an illegal act.
Randall JK2006 wrote:
Hedda as usual brings up an interesting answer; if you want to have sex legally with a 17 year old girl, don't do it in New York (Age of Consent 18) fly her to London or Florida if you can afford to (Ages of Consent 16). So then "they" have to prosecute you for "trafficking" or "procuring" or Prostitution".

A couple of factual corrections... Age of consent in New York is 17. In Florida it's 18. It is indeed 16 in London.

But the point is a fair and interesting one. Has a 17 year old Floridian who has sex on holiday in New York been sexually abused, or not?

Something else that annoys me is jurisdictions that claim extraterritorial force for their laws. Not sure about the USA, but the UK does this with age of consent. If a UK citizen has sex with a 15 year old in France, the British person has committed a crime in Britain - but not in France. Apart from being fucking stupid, this kind of legal imperialism very arrogantly dismisses the sovereignty of other jurisdictions. We'd soon hear the UK government whining if an Iranian man came to London on holiday, had gay sex, and then was prosecuted for it when he returned home.
Jo Another alleged Epstein victim (flanked by Gloria Allred, naturally) grinning from ear-to-ear in a photo with her alleged abuser.

Prince Andrew urged to contact US investigators 'without delay or condition'

"Teala Davies described how Epstein had preyed on her when she was a teenager, sexually abusing her at his various homes around the world.

She said she had been trafficked to New York, New Mexico, Florida, the US Virgin Islands and France, but refused to be drawn on whether she had ever met the Duke of York on her travels. ...

Miss Davies said: “I was only 17. I was the perfect victim. I was on my own and I needed help. Jeffrey Epstein preyed on me. He put me in a vulnerable situation and he preyed on me. I was only 17. I was a little girl.”

Miss Davies released a picture of her with Epstein in his helicopter flying over the US Virgin Islands.

She said she was smiling in the picture because at that time she had been unaware of Epstein’s predatory intent."

One would have thought that with all that trafficking and abuse, she'd have been able to find a photo where she wasn't looking as if she was having a whale of a time.
Bookworm Hedda, don't start that.
Andrew is much like the Queen in looks. As the males get older though, they all seem to look more like Prince Phillip. Especially around the eyes.

You don't really want to side with hate.
hedda Barney wrote:
Most tend to think that Andrew is a goose, also!

Some of his relationships - recently closely scrutinised - were unfortunate, misjudged and questionable.

However naivety, the desires to have a good time - and to make money - aren't illegal.

oh he's a goose alright. Yet apparently his Mum's favorite?

wonder if there's any truth to Kitty Kelley's Royal Family book from the 1980s where she says Andrew is the spitting image of a certain Lord that Liz was very fond of

I mean he doesn't really look like the others does he? Muck bulkier and he has hair.


"As a former detective and with ­nearly 30 years of experience in ­investigating child abuse, including the Jimmy Savile scandal, what I found in Brazil made me shudder."