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Topic History of: When will Governments & Gullibles
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Author Message
JK2006 Amazing how many messages I'm getting saying "you were right all along" as cases multiply, hospitals remain empty, hardly any deaths every day.
hedda after a 2 day visit to hospital to see my dear pal Sister Morphine one particular complaint has been resolved.

Doctors and nurses fussed over me like there was no tomorrow (almost wasn:t) but my win is 1000 of other's loss.

all elective surgery on hold and 100s of restaurant, bars, clubs shut down (empty emergency wards).

I salute The Gullible without whom this would not be possible.

amazing..nearly all the nurses where Irish or Scots with beautiful regional accents.
JK2006 I so agree with your point on language wyot; they stopped for a while, referring instead to the lockdown provoked by Coronavirus, but they have all reverted to simply saying Coronavirus. It infuriates me.

And Hedda, in a caring, sharing way, though I don't go along with your theory of dozens of bodies in trucks, I do think one of the problems of misunderstanding the true meaning of Covid19 (because of media inflation) has been many aspects of it have been ignored.

As I've said elsewhere, my aching hip, still going on, was, I'm certain, provoked by my brief batch of Covid19 and NOT just by having to sit inside for months. This trivial virus (for most - it gets less lethal by the day) has many unpleasant side effects, some of which, I'm sure, do cause death "for other reasons" further down the line. I don't think I'm going to die from an aching hip but you never know.
wyot hedda wrote:
this concentration on Covid & various government cock-ups whether by incompetence or design completely over-shadow the looming disaster of Brexit and how the Tories are in fact using Covid to re-organize society along certain lines.

I tend to shy away from conspiracy theories and tend to think this is just incompetence. I can though see how handy Covid is for the other Government disaster of Brexit.

What lines do you belive the Tories are trying to organize society along under this Hedda?
wyot If interested in how we might have fared without panicking about Covid, destroying the economy and ruining our country this is excellent:

I do feel the tide is turning now in mainstream media (though with lazy language when describing the effects of lockdown).

I know we have lost Barney on here but the "other camp" also seem very quiet now. Yes, could be sheer boredom, but I don't think so...

Let's hope the Gov just quietly drop the whole agenda and move on. Fast; before more people lose their lives.