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Topic History of: Maskless man on a train.
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Green Man It's not anybody's business. I have seen arguments on public transport and shops. The government and the masks fiasco is causing more harm than good. People are turning in to tinpot Hitler's and Napoleon's without the genocide.

If you want to see panic or need to sit down in a restaurant just caugh and caugh again. You're guaranteed to get a seat.

When the theatre venues do reopen wearing a mask would be hard to do, all theatres I have been to are very humid. Outdoor concerts are only good if you can see the stage. Otherwise you only see backs and heads or even a broad sitting on a pair of shoulders.

I actually saw someone kick a guy in the back of the legs him and his girlfriend went down like dominoes. If you're girlfriend can't see nor will the person behind.
Sheba The whole exemption-from-mask-wearing thing is a farce anyway.

Anyone who doesn't want to wear one can just go to GOV.UK and print out an 'I am exempt from wearing a face covering badge'. And no-one will dare question why they're not wearing one.
Green Man Many disabilities are invisible. The copper in the video was obviously picked on at school.
wyot Yep and you don't have to disclose why you may be exempt from wearing a mask under Equalities Legislation.

Police now committing assault in the name of "public safety" when there is currently less mortal threat than from flu.
Honey Just as if anyone would dutifully disclose their medical conditions to a wassock in a high viz jacket.

Why cant those who are bothered wear PROTECTIVE masks? Then it makes no difference if other people have a mask on or not.