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Topic History of: 200,000 Covid cases; 43 deaths.
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JK2006 All summed up by me in early 2020 with one word - OVERREACTION.
hedda they've all gone mad in Oz and you cannot get a test unless you queue for hours. But why? What's the point of having a test when the symptoms seem obvious?

My friend who I'm a carer for hasn't been outside for 12 months and was ill for 2 days so I went all over the place trying o buy a test but none to be had.

She could have only caught it from me and one other visitor but we don;t have she's well again. Who knows if she had it?

All I'm glad about is it is raining for a few days and all the Omicron riddled peasants who descend on Bondi Beach have deserted the place and I can find a parking spot again.

But the queue at the drive in testing station extends about a mile.

And that wretched "log-in" thingy I discovered going to a supermarket it incorrectly twice decided I was actually at a chemist shop & I've had to "alerts " saying someone with Covid was there at the same time as me but I was never there.

Imagine trying to convince authorities if they decide to pick me up and isolate me in a hotel with Novak Djokovic
Wyot Yes if we all woke up tomorrow, re-wound the clock to Feb 20 and stopped talking about or reacting to Covid would we notice any difference? Hospitals a bit busier than normal in the cold season maybe. But no more than this...
JK2006 And isn't it hilarious that Boris is about to prove Trump right - test fewer, so the numbers will drop. DOH!
JK2006 For God's sake when will common sense kick in? This is NOT a killer plague. It can be very nasty to the few vulnerable but the over reaction is causing FAR greater problems. No staff, for example. No treatment for the otherwise ill, for example. All over the world it is being dealt with as though it's Ebola and not what it is - a new but trivial variant of flu.