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King of Hits
Why I believe in the Euro PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 16 July 2015
The principle of the Euro - get as many currencies together as possible, benefit from the individual assets (olives grown in some places; music made in others) and assist those with weak areas - is very sensible.

So is the fact that very, very few people capable of making economic decisions that work exist in Europe,let alone in each country.

So galvanise them into one policy.

The disadvantage is when you cannot get those few to do the job (as there are better positions elsewhere).

Like Communism which, to me, is 85% great but the missing 15% (everyone is NOT equal, nor should they pretend to be) brings it down. 85% communism married to 15% capitalism might work very well.

Likewise the Euro needs better management but the principle is far better than having hundreds of protective, blinkered, narrow minded economies.

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