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King of Hits
BBC madness PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 17 August 2015
I shall be sending an official request to Tony Hall, Director General of the BBC, saying that I applaud booking convicted sex offender Boy George for The Voice but wonder why Top of the Pops repeats featuring DLT, Savile, Glitter, Harris and others are being censored.

What is it that warrants being removed from transmission? Being found innocent of numerous charges yet convicted of one tiny offence when convicted murderers are allowed to play parts in soap operas?

I genuinely do not understand what the BBC regulations are.

Pinch a bum and shows where a DJ played a tiny part saying "that was... this is..." get taken off air, also therefore removing performances by innocent singers and musicians and dancers and destroying the pleasure of millions of viewers simply because a couple of prudes might be offended?

Really - what kind of editorial insanity is that?

Strongly suggest anyone agreeing with these sentiments send similar protests about "compliance".

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