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Here comes the Mail! PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 29 August 2015
I've always said that the Mail is the best but also the nastiest paper in Britain. When friends called me, worried that the News of the World were about to "do" them, I replied (40 years ago) "Don't worry about the NOTW - or Mirror or Times - panic if it's the Mail on the phone". Because they knew what they were doing. The boss at the time, David English, was a friend; as were Jack Tinker (brought me Rocky Horror) and Lynda Lee Potter. I learned a lot about the organisation, skeletons and all.

If you knew what Lester Middlehurst told me about Paul Dacre.

The good thing about the Mail is that they know a potentially great story when they spot one - even if it goes against their previous crusades or conventional wisdom. Just watch - one day they will decide the BBC needs protecting. Just as they spotted Satanic Cults were bollocks.

And I sense it is dawning on them that there is a growing majority of the public that now dislikes and distrusts the sex abuse witch hunts. Middle England loves Cliff. Right wingers loved Ted Heath. Closet racists adored Harvey Proctor. Even Max Hastings likes elderly generals.

They don't go far enough (past convictions were wrong; the Judicial System is broken: very dangerous for middle English peace of mind) but I sense they may be about to turn on the police/CPS/ambitious bad journalists grouping pushing this agenda.

The time is ripe. Go for it. Here comes the Mail!

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