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Doping in Sport and False Allegations PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 10 November 2015
It seems like the investigating body has done a fantastic job on doping in sport; we need a similar investigation into the False Allegations Industry.

Those who deliberately lie and encourage others whether for financial reasons or in order to get sympathy, revenge or the many other motives. It will not be easy (as in the doping scandal). Governments and official bodies often collude in the deception, sometimes with the very best of motives. Many false accusers genuinely believe their claims whether through delusion, confusion of past memories, promotion through the media or via helpful police, psychiatrists and lawyers. Ordinary members of the public promote and spread lies because they are much better stories or through malice or to disguise their own secret desires and impulses.

Even intelligent observers fall for the fiddled figures (all those rapes never prosecuted is a far simpler belief than all those rape ALLEGATIONS never prosecuted, the vast majority of which are misunderstandings, often due to drug or drink participation).

A thorough, detailed investigation into the False Allegations Industry will unearth horrific corruption. Very, very hard to prove.

How can you expose a lawyer who claims to believe someones allegations about a dead person? And assists them in making those accusations sound more credible? And takes a hefty fee for the service?

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