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Wednesday, 11 November 2015
For some reason the witch hunt has taken ages to catch up with the inevitable pop stars from the 60s and 70s brigade. I have wondered why. False Accusers are often the genuinely involved - frequently willing at the time, sometimes the victim was the seducer in that age of groupies. Time, memories, adapted recollections in a changing world, backed by greed for cash or sympathy or fame, these are some of the ingredients needed when witch hunts explode.

Media publicity provokes False Allegations. We know this. 15 years ago it was mainly aimed at the individuals getting pages in the Trawl by Media police method. Innocent victims of media allegations included John Leslie. But even then there was infection. My original False Accuser admitted in his police statement that it had been Gary Glitter's arrest which made him remember my involvement in his abuse (which he'd forgotten until he visited Max Clifford for advice on how to proceed with his adventure - and even his first visit did not, strangely, include any accusations against me - understandable since we had never met).

When Cliff became the latest victim of the False Allegations Industry I wondered whether other music stars might be about to suffer.

Below is the start of the OPHER brilliant blog about Harper. If you like the first few lines, please visit his excellent site OPHERS WORLD

Ophers World

Roy Harper is acquitted!! But where is Justice in this? This is not justice!

Roy Harper is acquitted!! But where is Justice in this? This is not justice! For Roy Harper the nightmare is finally over. He has been formally acquitted. His character is unsullied. All charges have been dropped. The establishment is no longer pursuing him.

Well what can you say?

Has justice been done?

When Roy rang me up two days ago there was a distinct change. It almost sounded like the old Roy once again. Without him having to say I knew that the charges had been dropped. For three years I have listened to a slow befuddled caricature of the man I knew, someone who was crushed under the weight of accusation and fear for a future, a future that even held the possibility of prison.

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