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King of Hits
So who is responsible for terror successes? PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 14 November 2015
The answer is - the media. They love a good story. We love a good story.

Trivial terrorist events like the Twin Towers only have impact if they are covered by media. Without media coverage few would know and few care. The impact would be low. Not really worth doing.

But the media (and us) love these dramas.

3,287 people a day; A DAY; die globally in road accidents.

Now that is significant. Of course, any one person has friends and families whose lives are ruined by an accident or death. But most of us are untouched. Just because "it's a good story" should not be allowed to unbalance our brains.

Particularly when deciding how to combat problems. Like beating terrorists. And lowering deaths by car.

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