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Remove media oxygen for terror PDF Print E-mail
Sunday, 15 November 2015
"ISIS declare war" they say. No, hold on, they declared war on the rest of humanity years ago. What were all those beheadings of innocent people if not boasting of war? But the media who, with total lack of responsibility, only allow "It's a good story" to influence behaviour, continue to help ISIS.

Do NOT cover these tragedies. Minimal details. Three words - Jihadi John Dead - was all that was needed (and even that was offensive, giving a killer a cute nickname in order to help him become an idol to the weak and easily influenced).

Paris tragedy; many dead. End of story.

Oxygen of publicity keeps them alive. Maggie Thatcher was dead right - giving appalling bearded wanker Adams a squeaky queen's voice dealt a death blow to the IRA. Far more effective and potent than peace talks.

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