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Monday, 22 February 2016
Police behaviour yet again condemned - by a Police Chief Constable. First Hogan Howe says it is barmy, now the boss of Thames Valley.

Why has the Cliff investigation taken so long? Answer - most police are pretty lazy or dim but their experience (some False Accusers are persuasive and credible though not, when examined, true) has been that the vast majority of False Accusers are mistaken, either (usually) adapting truth (someone who did meet Sir Cliff embellishes) or making it up (money please) or deluded (transforming that grubby experience with a tramp into a self-deluded better image from 45 years ago).

Police find out very quickly how dodgy memory can be and how vile False Accusers are (or demented).

But they have been instructed that they must be believed. What can poor dumb cops do, trained to act like robots (but robots NEVER let things like personal belief control investigations)?

When some loony says - I was raped by a massive pop star in front of an evangelist and 40,000 people - and you find the pop star in question was in another part of the world that day, as you reach for your phone to say loony must NOT be believed against all your training, it rings, with 47 other false allegations inspired by Trawl By Media.

No wonder poor Yorkshire Police are finding this a long investigation. The bigger the name, the more false allegations you get (unless the person is dead of course, which raises the number, as Jimmy Savile was not bigger than Cliff, in case you wondered).

All this makes one puzzled. By what? By the question - how on earth can politicians, police and media allow this to keep happening without question? Is it perhaps time for someone up top to ask - might the False Allegations Industry exist?.

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