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King of Hits
Operation Midland exposes the methods of False Accusers PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 23 March 2016
Those of you who read the long, detailed chapter about my case in the Bob Woffinden book will recognise one of the problems with these cases - how my main accuser 15 years ago embellished his account by adding details discovered when he met another victim in the witnesses room at the Old Bailey; a useful area where False Accusers can brush up their evidence just before being called into court. This, incidentally, is not a claim of mine or of Bobs - it came from the lips of the man himself.

It is quite true when, during the trial, police statements say these men had never met each other (at time of giving original evidence).

It avoids the fact that they are meeting backstage at that very moment, whilst the concert is taking place and the smoke without fire emanating from prosecutors lips, like dry ice, is being carefully constructed a few feet away in a specially designate False Allegations Room set aside to embellish lies.

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