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King of Hits
Tremeloes PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 07 April 2016
1) is it fair to have such a case hang on for ages - trial date set for Feb 2017?

2) can there possibly be a fair trial for an alleged offence in 1968?

3) should we care? do we want police time and the enormous expenses wasted on claims like this?

4) how many other similar groupie claims have been made about other stars and ignored - and why are so many thrown out before investigation - if that happens - when some like this get pursued? were the Tremeloes not big enough stars to warrant dropping the false allegations (which must be assumed false unless and until proved true in a court of law and sadly, as I know, often even after a wrongful conviction)?

5) if there were to be a referendum held as to whether or not to spend 4 billion quid (in 2020 estimated) on these kinds of claims, would the majority of the British public want it? Or would they prefer the money used to save lives - migrants, junior doctors, NHS, steel industry etc?

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