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King of Hits
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Saturday, 23 April 2016
What is missing in modern music? Energy. Passion. Physical effort.

Looking back I was amazed by how similar the old teenage rage I remember from rock and roll in The Blackboard Jungle in the 50s - very physical. Violence, screaming, movement, energy.

The same in the 60s. Just look at those fans. Little girls going crazy.

Punk? Energy. From spitting to pogoing.

Break dancing? Movement.

Rap? Hip hop? Energy. Passion. Physical movement.

That is what is missing. The youth of today, passive, quiet, only moving their fingertips.

Which is reflected in the music. No excitement. No energy. No passion. No wonder it is all Adele and Ed Sheeran and Justin and One Direction. If they move we are shocked and surprised.

Bring back anger. Bring back passion. Please.

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