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Friday, 27 May 2016
Letters we never heard or read a few years ago; now cropping up on a regular basis.

So many have suffered - Jim Davidson even named his book after them. Gambo had to go through months of agony before being told NFA - and that was after the police sent a file to the CPS.

A friend has just endured months of agony too. In fact there are so many friends going through it - I suspect most people know someone who has suffered from the False Allegations Industry.

What I wonder is - how do police have the time (or the budget) to deal with all these false allegations - most, like my friends - not involving celebrities, just ordinary innocent people.

Or, as police, lawyers and media would have it, not enough proof to incarcerate the innocent accused.

Guilty until proven innocent, the new black.

As a society are we all perfectly happy with this situation? Do we not care about the waste of our tax monies? And does the media really not consider it a scandal worth exposing?

NFA? No Fucking Clue. Oops. Sorry.

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