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King of Hits
Should we have faith in the British public? PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 24 June 2016
I lost all faith in the opinion of the public at my trial 16 years ago. Is - evidence - one persons word against anothers and nothing (admitted by the prosecution) else?

Is it fair when the defence PROVES something could not have happened (I went up to him because I loved No Limits - which did not exist until a year later) to change the dates to a year later?

Is it fair not to allow the defence to find evidence it did not happen then either? (I was in America)?

Is it fair then not to allow an appeal (the jury would still have found you guilty of the other false claims)?

When the judicial system is that broken and eleven jurors are still stupid enough to find you guilty (because it was a better story) why think the British public are worth listening to?

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