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England? Fucked. Sorry. PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 28 June 2016
As the football slowly slid like a block of ice into the net, the goalkeeper looked at it not in despair but in the sad realisation that England is fucked. Sorry to use the word but as pronounced it is one syllable. Just as the English prefer one word - LEAVE to two - STAY IN, they even prefer it to two syllables REMAIN. The media knows this. Slogan simplification. It is a good headline.

Like a battered boxer, it has dawned that the majority hate immigration if it is children or women trying to escape certain death and war but love it when it is wealthy footballers taking huge wads of cash. That is why the Premiership is so good. We pay foreigners to play in it. Money over morality every time. Those of us who think the best paid manager may not be the best, as little Iceland deservedly beats England with the worst goal in the worst game in Euro2016. Perhaps Roy should not have replaced our best player - Lallana - with our worst - Sterling. But - as I agreed in 1995 - not many people care enough to do it for free unless they get results. I took only expenses to manage Eurovision for the UK - until we won it in 1997, when I got a massive bonus from the BBC. Perhaps the cash given to the England manager can now be used to train English footballers.

Talking of the BBC, I blame Greg Dyke, one of the many men who ruined it, for our Euro2016 fiasco.

I knew 16 years ago that Britain was finished when I discovered that the judicial system was broken, something we have all now realised since the Hillsborough inquest.

If we win Wimbledon it will be thanks to a Scot. The Scots had the sense to remain in the UK when we were a part of Europe and now have the sense to want to leave.

England? Fucked. Sorry.

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