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King of Hits
The case of a wrongly convicted fire chief PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 21 July 2016
My letter to the Telegraph -

Your disturbing report by Robert Mendick on the appalling case of retired fireman David Bryant illustrates the explosion of the False Allegations Industry and the incompetence of police and CPS - determined to get a conviction rather than find the truth.

Police and CPS behaviour HAS to change. Not hundreds but thousands of men and women are crowding our jails due to wrongful convictions. The army of liars, some genuinely deluded, mistaken or merely greedy are appearing, encouraged by the media determined to carry a good story and sometimes even paying for interviews.

For every Cliff Richard, Paul Gambaccini, Nigel Evans, Jim Davidson, Lord Bramall or Coronation Street star there are a dozen whose lives have been ruined because the confused, malicious or cunning have been believed.

They are often groomed and tutored by lawyers pretending sympathy but demanding fat fees. Compensation and prisons are costing the tax payer millions. The investigations are priced in billions. It happened to me 16 years ago. It has to stop. Now.

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