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Why Dame Down Under quit PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 05 August 2016
The probable answer is that she, like most people, was not aware of how nasty it gets when the media pack decides to examine you. Bet Mrs May quits when they take a good look at her or, more likely, Philip.

But we would all like to think she had the sense to go because it dawned on her, as the amount of false allegations went into thousands, that, like the Savile fiasco, this is simply the way that some parts of human nature react to great publicity. Having been involved in promotion for decades I know just how potent promotion by media can be.

Reveal and advertise a product - called FAC ME - False Allegations Cash for Me - and you will get not only those who would quite like a few extra pennies for inventing or exaggerating an accusation, preferably against a dead person, but also the thousands looking for revenge, attention, sympathy, fame, victimhood and the hundreds of genuinely deluded, muddled, confused and lost in life.

Buy a few inches of print - or, better still, grab it free if it's a good story - and public organisations will crumble. Police spend months and millions; the NHS waste thousands and man (and woman) hours on stupid reports. Government bow to the media headlines and slogans. The entire budget devoted to paying doctors, building schools, improving prisons gets wasted on this shit.

I do hope that is why Dame Down Under quit.

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