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Monday, 03 October 2016
There are three ways for viewers to think about the Theroux/Savile show.

Those who are convinced every word against Savile was true; those who believe none of it was true; and those who sit in the middle, considering memories faulty, the power of media promotion enormous, peoples tendency to exaggerate, colour stories, inflate minor incidents.

I thought Louis came across as creepy, the music offensive, Sylvia the only believable interviewed, and some actually disgraceful moments. Louis said - His relationship with a 15 year old was criminal. It wasn't. Sex would have been. Not friendship.

No mention that Angela Levin wrote the hagiography of Max Clifford.

Savile being silly, over the top, familiar, tactile, jokey. Which, of course, in the light of the media publicity, became creepy, evil, ominous.

People abused by relatives said Savile abused them. Hmm.

The incredible impact of media promotion. That is the real lesson of Savile.

He was no devil and no saint. He did lots of good and I suspect some trivial but over the top minor abuse. But that is not such a good story.

It is easier to fall for the extremes. But I think the truth is in the middle.

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