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King of Hits
Trump the criminal PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 19 November 2016
This minor settlement for defrauding students has more ramifications than you could imagine.

When it is seen he will settle instead of fighting, the American version of the False Allegations Industry will really kick in and the blackmailers will spill over from civil into criminal claims.

America is slightly different to the UK as it has statutes of limitations but as we've seen with Bill Cosby and Michael Jackson (and many others - most not receiving media attention) - this can be avoided.

I was astonished when Trump was not hit by male allegations before the election. I thought it almost certain and inevitable.

But now it will certainly happen, along with many further females clamouring for compensation cash (and their magicians assistants - lawyers). They now know he will buy them off. Rather than miss his ultimate ambition - the Presidency - he will pay up out of his massive bank balance.

Big mistake, Donny boy.

Just watch those law suits pour in and not long before Max Cliffords cunning method (go to police first; we shall get publicity and cash later) clicks into those Yankee brains.

The only question is - will it happen before he becomes President?

Answer - certainly YES - because then the ultimate protection kicks in and security will make sure false accusers and bent lawyers disappear.

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