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Saturday, 26 November 2016
I have no idea whether the weeping man who started this current trend is telling the truth, the entire truth or part of the truth, but the moral panic will certainly engulf yet another area, fuelled by media who love a good story and are often willing to pay for one.

But several things are certain. Many decent, honest and honourable men and women will be sent to jail as a direct result. More who tried and often succeeded in helping young people. Please listen to the lyrics of my song Satans Ultimate Weapon Of Mass Destruction, where I predicted this. All the most noble professions - doctors, social workers, priests and vicars, entertainers, foster parents. It is as though the Devil wants to destroy them all. Who would be a teacher these days?

And remember the ramifications. More police will be diverted away from genuine crime. Terrorists and abusers will flourish, as will killers like Stephen Port.

It has already happened.

Indeed it did 16 years ago when the man responsible for my wrongful conviction, Brian Marjoram, was given, as a reward, the Milly Dowler case to head up. as he was an expert in paedophiles.

Trouble was - he wasnt.

He was an expert in stitching up innocent people, as has been seen since (thank you Sir Richard Henriques).

As a result two innocent girls were killed, Amelie Delagrange and Marsha McDonnell. Fortunately for all of us, just over the border from Surrey Police in a Met area and therefore investigated by an honest and efficient cop, Colin Sutton, who swiftly arrested Levi Bellfield and stopped his killing spree.

Turned out he had also killed Milly, years before. Marjoram quickly took early retirement and lives in luxury in Surrey.

Not that anyone cares, mainly because the media found Amelie and Marsha slightly older and their deaths less commercially attractive.

This is what happens when police are pushed into areas on which they should not be concentrating. People die. Crimes are not investigated. Resources are wasted in the wrong places. Disgraceful. All because of fantasies, exaggerations, inventions, greed, genuine delusion and desire to be seen as a victim.

And media irresponsibility.

And police behaviour.

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