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Monday, 09 January 2017
If there is one thing that needs to be done in 2017 it is this - correct the appalling anomalies in the Judicial System.

1) People like Danny Day need to be prosecuted - deliberately conspiring to pervert the course of justice for cash.

2) But so do police who pretend to believe and support them and do NOT, contrary to Sir Richard Henriques Report, investigate the false accusers (i.e. Ched Evans false accuser).

3) Make the CPS insist on police fulfilling their duties before they deliver their case to the CPS. That way the CPS do not, also, become unknowing parties to a Conspiracy.

4) Ensure defence lawyers become certain that both sides have been properly investigated before appearing in court - and, if they haven't, force police to do so. That way such victims of the Industry, such as the poor girl in the Ched Evans case, will not become damaged. Those howling about not examining false claimants past should become aware that their stance damages genuine victims.

5) Every member of the public should always tape all conversations as possible future evidence - imagine if Danny Day had been technologically adept and had E mailed instead of written his blackmail letter? The evidence might possibly have been wiped.

6) Likewise - have CCTV cameras in your home. You'd be surprised what they can capture.

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