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Dixon of Dock Green PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 17 February 2017
Dixon of Dock Green

Apologies if this is rather lengthy but I think it deserves complexity. I have this theory that, as great ideas and companies and organisations grow, they become incompetent and then useless and eventually need total overhaul. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesnít.

I think Democracy has reached that state. It simply doesnít work anymore. As the concept of the public choosing has grown - so has the media, catering to simple minds with simple solutions to complex questions. A disastrous situation. Rarely works.

Thatís why the Brexit and Trump successes have taken over Democracy. They might work. They might be disastrous.

Likewise Police. In the good old days - the Peelers - this brilliant idea protected the vulnerable from crime. It developed and peaked around Dixon of Dock Green. Sensible and responsible experienced honest and decent men using common sense at all times.

But it grew and grew as did society, media, justice - all great ideas, all experiencing the same advantages, as they developed intelligently, and all, now, collapsing under the weight of corruption, ambition, greed and the other influences - as well as the fact that new recruits, badly trained, ill equipped, drag them down in the same way the entire species is being dragged down, by having to over simplify because of too much information.

We cannot cope. Our brains will never understand infinity. So we break down and simplify.

I think God is due a big revival (as Islam is illustrating). Simple solutions for complex questions.

That is what has happened to Police Behaviour. Go for the extremes. Donít even look at the complex. And the result?


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