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King of Hits
Sir Edward Heath PDF Print E-mail
Sunday, 19 February 2017
An explanation for Chief Constable Steal the Veal...

The biggest influence on false allegations is the media. When people read details about horrendous past abuse (usually inflated to get bigger circulation) they adapt their own encounters (whether intentionally or subconsciously).

The second biggest influence is helpful police officers. Again, often unintended, questions are phrased to prompt correct answers. "Was he driving a car?". Perhaps he did sometimes drive - so what?

A third major influence - by proving unconnected facts (he DID once drive) people become convinced he must have been the monster they long for whereas in fact it only illustrates that he did, sometimes, drive a car.

And fourthly - the avalanche effect. Police LOVE rings - even more than boxers. Establish that a one time dinner guest was gay and POOF - you have a ring; without any doubt the two of them shared babies in Satanic Abuse parties!

For some of us bemused and disinterested observers, it is all proof of social insanity and police misbehaviour in search of a good story.

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