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King of Hits
It always fascinates me PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 02 March 2017
how many visits some old threads get on the Forums here. This web site will celebrate 21 years since we started in the summer of 1996 - some slightly older threads (like the National Treasure one) have had over 40,000 views during the past months.

Why it surprises me is that we all contribute to the 15 minutes of fame theory and news stories get icy cold within days, let alone weeks.

But I suppose many Web Surfers crop up all over the world and check on threads that interest or amuse them. This intrigues me. In years gone by, old newspapers (and even magazines) decayed into yellow, crumbling paper within days and ended up burned or in land fills.

Now I suppose people search odd words and get led onto links with obscure mentions. I know I often find myself (when watching old movies for example) clicking over to other bit part actors, directors, script writers. Studios long closed.

Newspapers in the graveyard (News of the World? Anybody remember the Daily Sketch - where I met Tony Stratton Smith, football reporter, and we became friends leading to him eventually managing Genesis?).

Ah nostalgia!

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