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Why I prefer Corbyn to May PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 29 April 2017
Since he was elected leader I have not seen him do or say anything wrong (or, even better, impolite or rude). Despite the blatant (and apparently highly successful) media crusade - nobody in media seems to like him, even the left wingers like Owen Jones - but I have watched and listened closely.

I do fear the urging by his advisors to shout a bit and show passion has been slightly accepted - I prefer the cool, unflappable, calm, decent Jeremy. He appears to me so far ahead of May as a leader and a human being. Just because he doesn't conform to the media rules - indicates to me he's old enough not to care.

I truly don't think he wants to be PM. He's had a very good career being an MP and is ready to retire. But I also think many of us really need him. A good, decent, calm man as Prime Minister.

I still disagree with many of his policies, especially financial. But I agree with others (scrap out dated Trident and expensive old "cannons and horses" last century weapons).

Mostly though I trust him, like what I've seen and heard of him, wish him well.

As for Cliche May, she strikes me as cold, simple, unimaginative and heartless. I have no idea why she is not a mother but she seems to have not one ounce of motherliness about her. Any child with her as a mother would envy Oliver Twist.

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