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King of Hits
As the witch hunt goes on... PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 01 May 2017
Hopefully most people have sympathy these days for the real victims like Cliff, Tremeloes, Gambo, Corrie Stars, Tarbuck, Davidson and are starting to see through cases where innocent men and women have been wrongly convicted (not necessarily everyone; but many are innocent of the convictions if guilty of other things).

We need to change the law now (that one person's word is sufficient evidence to convict, let alone charge); we need to instruct police to stop believing the unbelievable and never to arrest innocent men and women on the word of anybody before investigating; we need to tell the media NOT to prioritise a good story over the truth; until the Henriques 43 recommendations become law more and more gross miscarriages of justice will continue.

And they will rapidly be followed by prosecutions of decent cops obeying orders ("find evidence" has turned into "provoke claims" - in days gone by it was "take them to the showers").

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