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Corbyn out; May in? PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 15 May 2017
Everyone seems to criticise Corbyn yet still nobody, nobody has explained to me why, other than media comment and instructions.

Andrew's rude snipe about Diane Abbott is an example. I can understand why someone doing dozens of interviews who is NOT in government could make stupid interview mistakes. Silly but nobody is perfect. And nothing at all to reflect on Corbyn.

Jeremy has many extreme policy views I disagree with. So do all other parties. But his stint in opposition has been flawless as far as I can see.

His rebellion against previous Labour stances I often agreed with (war, for example; Blair liked it, Corbyn disapproved).

ITK does just what Fallon did; rephrases opinion as facts. And relies on polls (never wise).

Every time I see or hear Jeremy direct, I'm impressed. He does not slip into howling insults or losing his temper, despite terrible provocation. When his enemies cite problems (the anti semitism, for example) they always do the media thing of exaggerating (look at how Ken Livingstone was vilified - the media changed his words and smeared him disgracefully to get a better story).

And of course, like Trump, May goes the route of cliches and truisms to grab the voters who find it impossible to think more deeply than a tabloid headline and quote.

Are the majority of the public so easily persuaded? That "gives me a stronger stable mandate" rubbish is so patently false yet, I suspect, nicely simplistic for voters. Will the majority fall for it? I suspect they will. And blame her when it fails in a few years, chuck her out, vote for someone else with a better image; good hair, nice teeth (big problem there, Jeremy). Am I too cynical?

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