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King of Hits
Rod the Mod PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 19 May 2017
I haven’t seen Rod Stewart in ages, although we’ve known each other for half a century, back when I was a pop star and he was a grave digger, so it was lovely to see him this weekend; he’s headlining the Mawazine festival in Morocco and we were staying at the same hotel.

Seeing him sprawling by the pool I went up and said hello and after a long chat we arranged to meet up again that evening.

He introduced me to his charming wife Penny. We talked nostalgia about many mutual friends, several sadly now dead. He was more relaxed and laid back than I’ve ever known him. Proud of his son, a champion ice hockey player. “So handsome”, he said. “I suppose you think he’s taken after his Dad”, I commented, which made him laugh.

We chuckled about the night Britt Ekland discovered we were the same age and was horrified as I looked so much older than Rod. Still do.

Mawazine is a huge Glastonbury event; it’s been going for quite a few years now and is a big success.

Ed Sheeran was meant to be on but had to cancel. Nile Rodgers was there with a reformed Chic; I reminded him of the days when he and Bernard had just signed a record deal and the owners of my favourite Thai restaurant in New York brought these two young lads to my table for advice. I gave them the name and contact for Jerry Greenberg, the boss of Atlantic, which had signed them, as I’d just had long meetings with him about a band of mine they were having some sales with, Genesis.

Then they brought out Le Freak.

Ah, happy memories!

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