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Harris and Janner PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 31 May 2017
The total annihilation of the Janner false accusers tends to imply that people are starting to see through the False Allegations Industry.

For example, now "victims" who have served time in prison are no longer excused - that the abuse caused their sad mental state and should forgive any petty crimes like robbing old ladies or killing nuns.

The possibility that they may have a criminal mentality has at last dawned.

Secondly, firms of lawyers growing wealthy by representing false accusers are starting to realise their profits may not be large or even automatic anymore. Even claims against dead people don't guarantee huge legal payments.

And Rolf's successful Not Guilty verdict illustrates the media desire to rephrase it (my second trial resulted in Not Guilty verdicts but was painted as "trial collapses").

But the fact that several jurors felt strongly enough that they would not, ever, even consider convicting an obviously innocent man, even one previously convicted of similar allegations, shows either a growing moral sense or a distinct change in acceptance of media or well portrayed outrage.

And several jurors may have believed in Karma.

Convict an innocent person of crimes that never took place and you are asking for Karma trouble.

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