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RIP Anna Raccoon PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 18 August 2017
It is unconfirmed but I gather the mighty Anna Raccoon (Sue to her friends) passed away in the night.

Over the years we have become close friends.

A brave, fearless woman who courageously fought for the truth despite incredible attacks on her from all sides. Her exposure of Surrey Police some time ago provoked much distress amongst top (and retired) Surrey Police officers. Her examination of the Jimmy Savile scandal was not caused by any liking for - or even admiration for - Savile; simply because, as a teenager, she had attended Duncroft and spotted the anomalies in the claims. For example - Savile had not visited the school in the 60s, when she was there. False accusers swiftly changed the dates to the 1970s. On further examination Anna discovered more and more flaws in the claims and started wondering about the validity of much of the media coverage and legal demands.

Which led her to examine other cases of false allegations; which brought us together some years ago.

She was invaluable in her research, uncovering a huge amount of evidence and useful information. As it happened, she was lying in a hospital bed coping with the first effects of cancer when, reading the newspaper, she spotted the discrepancies in the Savile accusations.

That was back in 2012. Doctors told her she'd be dead in months but, determined to fight on, she lasted five more long years, supported throughout by her wonderful husband Graham.

Towards the end she became affected by the pain killing drugs and the hatred of those opposed to her campaigns but she continued to fight until the very end. She sent me a long and sweet E Mail last week, which must have taken her ages to write (she had become almost totally paralysed). She continued to post here every now and again.

A lovely lady and a superb fighter. RIP Sue.

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