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Bent cops; incompetent CPS PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 04 September 2017
But this is more about police and CPS behaviour and how badly they have gone wrong. In days gone by, not only would Judges not allow allegations of police misconduct from the defence (as I was told 17 years ago) but jurors tended to assume all police were like Dixon of Dock Green, apart from the odd (very rare, like "false Accusers") bad apple.

Now however they are starting to see breaches of the code of discipline and even criminal behaviour. Because they got away with it for so long, assisted by politicians like Michael Howard who, with I believe best intentions, changed the law in order to make it easier to convict genuine abusers, they spotted loopholes they could use.

Aided and abetted by Judges who, again with best intentions, tried to uphold the law (however barmy).

Aware that Judges would always back them, police got lazier and more corrupt; from bending the law they started breaking the law themselves, in order to get convictions.

Told by their bosses that truth did not matter but convictions did, they crossed the line.

Until Sir Richard Henriques, a retired Judge who was, until then, unaware of the behaviour of police, examined cases in detail and was absolutely horrified.

Next step? Prosecutions of individual police and public officials - not just false accusers.

When those who not only allowed Danny Day and Jemma Beale and others "get away with it" but assisted in their crimes ("credible and true") are locked up for long periods, we may see balance return.

Too late for the thousands in jail now or in the past. Too late for the Amelie Delegranges and Marsha McDonnells and murdered innocents because a corrupt cop let a killer escape justice. Too late for the Breck Brecknars, whose life was taken by someone escaping police attention due to senior officer incompetence. Too late for Deepcut kids killed by someone escaping decent police investigation (who is probably still out there, killing).

But hopefully in time to prevent future tragedies.

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