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The Music Industry PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 18 October 2017
The Music Industry.

Worldwide the collapse has been near total. Retail? Gone. Manufacturing? No CDs or tapes or vinyl wanted anymore. Engineers, studios, arrangers, session musicians, producers? Gone - in these days of bedroom studios, an artiste can do it all themselves - and the music suffers as a result. Well done George Michael, Prince and all the others. By falling for your own image you've produced a generation of artistes with shit sound, shit arrangements, shit production, shit songs. And when the music is completed? No need for promotion, marketing, sales, image publicity, graphics - do it yourself, stick it on You Tube or iTunes - shit art, shit "packaging", shit airplay, shit exposure. Which, for shit, is fine.

Yes the odd real star can still emerge. Adele, Ed Sheeran. And the odd manufactured star - One Direction, X Factor.

If I had taken the Chair at EMI Globally 17 years ago, I'd have anticipated; started digital TV and radio stations; adapted retail and manufacturing to get involved with iPods and other music carriers; revived a decent TV show like Top of the Pops (I'd have come up with a music equivalent of Strictly or Bakeoff). Concentrated on media star buildup - press, social media.

But that was not to be. So nobody looked after the worldwide music industry and it died. Or is dying. Sad.

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