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King of Hits
Sex with Strangers PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 15 November 2017
This complex problem of personal and sexual relationships is far more than the superficial Twitter problem some would choose.

Many men and women get turned on by a difference in status (the Master and Servant age old scene).

Likewise, there is a huge difference between celebrity coupling where BOTH are famous or successful or even simply on different success levels (this affects many marriages).

When I just meet and talk with a fellow celebrity, I notice a huge difference depending on whether they are my age or older (fond memories of music hits); much younger (memories of TV shows or other high profile fame pieces such as the Sun column; BBC shows); generations (Who Let The Dogs Out - I Get Knocked Down); this century (Vile Pervert).

People are impressed or annoyed or distressed or repulsed - all by the image they remember and the contrast with the real person (Kenneth King).

No wonder memories change. Who wants to admit they got aroused sexually by meeting a star 50 years ago when they are no longer alive or in any way attractive?

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