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Wednesday, 22 August 2018
Tell all your friends - always, ALWAYS, record every conversation with police. We have tapes of Surrey Police trying to provoke false allegations - including the words, in answer to a question asking why due process wasn't complaints being followed up, "WE ARE DOING THIS THE OTHER WAY AROUND".

Justification of trawling that may have crossed the line of legality. If this had been played to a Jury (as it would have been, if my trial had continued) there would have been a gasp of disbelief.

Those eight words would have assured a Not Guilty verdict. When police got a slightly vague answer they quickly explained that costs would be no problem (losing income taking time off work; travel expenses etc) and that there might be big compensation available.

Flying people in to London for an all expenses paid weekend, from Canada, Australia, Sweden, Norway... sometimes with wives or even friends who had nothing to do with the case... BEFORE any formal complaint had been made... four star hotels (never five star; they were not THAT generous) and flights (economy - not even business class)...

Always record all conversations with police (they are meant to do so but often, strangely, fail to do so) - these "first contacts" can be very important evidence in any trial.

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