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Monday, 24 September 2018
Continuing my series - today I had lunch with one of the many friends who kindly agreed to appear in court, if needed, to prove my innocence of the false allegations.

This was a friend from the 1970's who reminded me of how impressed he had been by my hi-fi and sound setup.

The liar who accused me of one incident from April 1970, who had gone on at length, both in his statement and in the witness box, giving details of the setup and explaining he was a real fan of sound equipment and knew every model and make, confirmed the make of turntable which we proved had first been manufactured in 1972.

Doh! Stoopid!

My point being; check every detail; the more you find, the more jurors (and judges) start doubting the veracity of the false accuser.

Below is the photo of the rather delicious Chinese lunch we had featuring prawns, chicken and rice.

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