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Saturday, 20 October 2018
English version: "Nick" scammed Scotland Yard – hid in northern Sweden NORRBOTTEN Nick's story is full of horrific details about sexual abuse and murdered children, perpetrated in the top layers of society. But everything is a big scam – ending in a red cabin in the deep forests of northern Sweden. Peter Johansson Translation: Mathias Asplund 21:07 | 2018-10-18 It begins with a report from a man who will be called Nick throughout the investigation, on alleged sexual abuse in a network of pedophiles. Abuse that's been going on for almost a decade around the UK. In a hearing in November 2014, Nick points out prosecutors and some of the community's finest. One of them the former Prime Minister Sir Edward Heath. Other accused are Michael Hanley, former director of intelligence MI5 and Army Chief Hugh Beach. This information will be the start of a massive effort by Scotland Yard, Operation Midland. BILD: Sunday People/Faximil | "Nick" uppgav att han blivit vittne till hur tre barn blivit mördade. En historia som visade sig vara helt påhittad. Nick hands over a list to Scotland Yard with places where the sexual abuse are supposed to have taken place. According to Nick, a person named Fred has been present as he was abused. The assaults have allegedly taken place in army bases and apartments. A pen, a knife and two military amulets are handed over to investigators as Nick claims to have snatched them off the pedophiles.He also claims that he has seen three children get murdered. The accused men are taken in for interrogation as police raid addresses around the UK. Homes are examined, people interrogated and telephones wire-tapped. Nick demands more than 20 000 pounds for damages caused by the abuse. Now it turns out that everything seems to be a big scam. At least the big media companies in Britain suspect that after Nicks data have been checked and verified. His story about the murdered children isn't correct. One year after Operation Midland started the chief of Scotland Yard, Lord Hogan-Howe, acknowledges that it was wrong to describe Nicks' information as "credible and truthful". But he defends the effort. At this time, Nick realizes that the carpet under his feet is beginning to burn. In secret, he leaves the UK – with Sweden in sight. In February this year, Nick buys a cabin in Mjölan west of Överkalix, Norrbotten. His actions indicatesthat his idea is to start over, with a fake name and a made up story. He make plans for a small B&B, a few small cottages next to the Kalix river just south of Överkalix, and an exemption from the shoreland protection is granted by the County Administrative Board But his plans are not realized, and the British imposter leaves Norrbotten. In the evening of October 1, Nick is seized in the central station in Gothenburg after an international arrest warrant has been issued. Britain demands that he's handed over. Jonas Arvidsson, prosecutor at the National Unit against International and Organized Crime, presented the demand in the detention hearing on 3 October. A big group of media from the UK is present to cover it. Nick is suspected of false testimony, states the prosecutor. To Norrbottens Media Jonas Arvidsson confirms that the 50-year-old was to open a holiday village outside Överkalix. – Yes, of all places. But on the other hand it's kind of an "outback". Should you try to get away somewhere, Överkalix is ??a pretty good place, I believe, he says. The suspected British fraudster will now be handed over to Britain. – But when the handover is executed, that's something I can't tell. Because I don't want there to be a lot of English journalists at the airport in England when he comes, says Jonas Arvidsson. According to British media, Operation Midland cost more than 2,5 million pounds.
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