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Wednesday, 31 October 2018
So what is the David Pattinson Citizens Prosecution of Alison Saunders all about?

Well, he went through (very minor) false allegations and was horrified by police and CPS behaviour.

Being rather successful and having made money from his businesses, he decided to take a stand. So he has mounted this civil, legal crusade to prosecute outgoing DPP Saunders for ruining the lives of so many innocent men and women/

If you'd attended the meeting today (31st October - Halloween) you'd have heard extraordinary tales from men and women whose lives - or those of partners or friends - had been ruined by false allegations.

Perhaps the best example, for me, was Mark Pearson, accused of penetrating an old Indian actress on the busy floor of Victoria Station. Despite CCTV footage clearly proving it had never happened, he was prosecuted. Of course, acquitted. But the madness illustrates that even sensible, successful people can be gripped by delusion and can imagine things and that police and CPS can decide to prosecute because (they love the media) "It's a good story">

Meanwhile children are stabbed, terrorists kill, drugs abound, robberies and muggings are ignored.

Until something is done, human society is being devastated,.

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