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Tuesday, 06 November 2018
Blackmail: a word you don't hear much these days.

But recently, in all the examination of Mark Williams Thomas, the word has cropped up a lot.

And I think it has merely adapted and taken on a new name - YouWillBeBelieved.

This dreadful legal situation means it is now incredibly easy to accuse someone of sex crimes that never took place and confront them - pay up or we will reveal this to the police who will assist us, because we will be believed, and you will end up in prison.

Like the old crime of Blackmail, a very efficient way to get money, especially from the famous or wealthy.

But even ordinary people like priests and vicars, sports coaches, teachers, foster parents and so on suffer as there is a Government Body which forks out cash to blackmailers - the CICA.

Some specialists in this will use tricks like saying "we know you fell downstairs due to use of white powder - we'll leak this to the media if you don't pay out".

Blackmail is having a real boost; assisted by bent or lazy cops, lawyers, judges and newspapers.

Because it is often "a great story".

And "great stories" earn money.

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